Accentus: Client Relationship Manager

Enable your sales team to focus and nurture your business relationships with our top of the line Accentus CRM Solution. Whether you are running a large multi-national corporation or a small local company, building and maintaining valuable customer relationships is a key component to your overall business success. Empower your sales team to reach and surpass their goals by quickly identifying, tracking and monitoring sales opportunities from lead to close.

  •   Effectively manage and monitor the sales process
  •   Nurture and grow your customer relationships
  •   Engage potential clients and cultivate new business
  •   Capture vital data for increased market penetration
  •   Foster high customer satisfaction and retention

Accentus: Job & Applicant Tracking

Effortlessly create & post jobs and manage applicants throughout the entire hiring process. Accentus Job & Applicant Tracking Solution enables your organization to find the right talent, at the right time, for the right cost. The included company job board can be linked to your site and customized to gather the applicant information you require.

  •   Create jobs with the click of a button
  •   Post to your company job board
  •   Post to popular job boards in your industry
  •   Automatically parse resumes into the system
  •   Manage applicants through the hiring process
  •   Maintain a database of applicants, candidates and employees

Accentus: Time & Attendance

Designed to facilitate a wide range of real time capture of employee data, which allows your organization to consistently and accurately apply business policies and pay rules while controlling labor costs and increasing productivity. Accentus Time & Attendance Solution automates the necessary and often labor-intensive business processes and helps your company gain information and advantage in the marketplace.

  •   Web, Mobile, Biometric and Badge Clocks – real time data capture for real time information and     reporting
  •   Web Timesheets – track billable hours towards projects, departments or clients
  •   Up to date dashboards to monitor your workforce
  •   Reduce managerial and administrative time and effort
  •   Seamless integration into HR/Payroll software

Accentus: Scheduling

Make scheduling effortless for any size organization. Be confident that your workforce is in the right place at the right time. By factoring in required head count, skill levels, certifications, pay rates and other preferences, Accentus Scheduling Solution tackles complex issues and makes them simple to manage.

  •   Rapidly generate schedules
  •   Forecast future staffing needs
  •   Manage multiple shift coverage
  •   Prepare for project roll outs
  •   Verify onsite employees with Real-time Roll Call

Accentus: HR Management

With recruitment, benefits administration, staff development and regulatory requirements, Human Resources can be a complex and time consuming job. Ease staff burdens by using Accentus HR Management Solution to streamline and control your company’s greatest asset its employees.

  •   Ensure company compliance
  •   Manage staffing of both employees and contractors
  •   Review and approve absence/leave requests
  •   Track employee certifications
  •   Monitor Performance Improvement Plans
  •   Share company announcements, news and important information

Accentus: E-Learning, Screening & Surveys

Educate your employees without a time consuming and costly process. Keep your workforce up to speed without the need for expensive in person training sessions. Screen incoming applicants to assess if their knowledge base and skill set are a match for the job. Survey your employees or clients to maintain high satisfaction.
Accentus E-Learning, Screening & Survey Solution does it all!

  •   Set up, train and test employees in an easy to use web based “classroom”
  •   Give employees the ability to learn at their own pace, anytime, anywhere
  •   Monitor your employees learning progress and growth
  •   Assess applicant skill set and knowledge base
  •   Share screening results with hiring managers
  •   Proactively gauge employee and client satisfaction

Accentus: Employee Self Service

Give the power to your People! The comprehensive Accentus Employee Self Service & Electronic Data Collection will improve employee satisfaction and productivity. Browser based and mobile interfaces along with web-enabled clocks or biometric terminals enable you to reach every employee in the organization anytime, anywhere with ease. Employee Self Service frees your employees, managers and administration from time consuming data entry and corrections, allowing them to focus on higher value activities.

  •   Web Clock & Web Timesheets
  •   Schedules
  •   Expense Reports
  •   PTO Requests
  •   Employee Surveys & E-Learning


With an open and highly customizable architecture, MSI’s Accentus Suite allows changes in the software to suit your company and industry needs… all without requiring the skills of an expert programmer.

  •   Change terminology to match your world
  •   Hide or reveal tabs, fields and system     functions
  •   Customize Reports and Dashboards
  •   Easily create imports and exports

For more difficult or specialized customization, our development team is ready to make Accentus exactly what you need.

Client Support

Client Satisfaction is our number one goal. Our friendly and approachable team is here to assist you.

  •   Set-up / Roll-out
  •   Training
  •   Customization
  •   Technical support

Our attention to detail and willingness to go the extra mile will keep your company on track and satisfied with the Accentus Suite.

Client Testimonial

Your Industry

Accentus Suite offers a solution as unique as your business! If your company has clients, vendors, candidates or employees, we work with your industry. Easily solve your business challenges with our customizable interface that caters to the way your company performs.

Some of our customers were industry leaders when they met us…
Others are industry leaders because they met us.

Accentus Suite allows you to personalize your interaction from initial contact to final invoice. Engage with your clientele, maximize performance and make exceptional Customer Service your company's calling card.


Accentus Suite allows you to personalize your interaction from initial contact to final invoice. Engage with your clientele, maximize performance and make exceptional Customer Service your company's calling card.


One easy to use software package that handles your whole sales process from Client Lead to Candidate Timesheet. Employee and client self service allows simple and speedy interaction of all parties. Custom dashboards and reports keep you on top of your complete business.


Automate manual processes and track building projects on any level: sites, location, type, job, employee. Enable ease of communication between the home office and the work sites. Save time, reduce errors and improve customer experience.


Easy integration to all your software packages. Automate vendor invoicing, administrative tasks, and reports. Customize verbiage for easy roll out to all users. Increase accuracy and efficiency on multiple levels. Provide a single system for records and communication across departments and more.

Health Care

Efficiently manage key data and integrate with your critical industry systems. Monitor key business analytics with customizable dashboards and reports. Schedule/Plan for client/patient coverage. Easy to use Portal for users to check timesheets, schedules and notifications.

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