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    Managing your most valuable business assets…

    clients, vendors, candidates, employees.

ERP & Business Management Software
by Managing Solutions International

Why “Frankenstein” together multiple systems to create your business intelligence solution, when you can have an affordable unified business software?

Managing Solutions International has over 30 years of experience managing companies’ most valuable assets: clients, vendors, candidates and employees. Whether you are looking for a CRM, billable hour tracking, business productivity suite, job and applicant tracking software or a small business ERP, our integrated SaaS solution will take you from marketing & sales to time & attendance and more.

MSI’s Nimbulis offers a complete workforce optimization SAAS solution: increasing efficiency, improving operations, reducing HR and payroll costs. With our all in one business management software, cutting edge technology and exceptional customer service, we give our clients the ability to streamline overall company productivity, maintain corporate compliance (ACA, HUD) and maximize revenues in one powerful, easy to use and cost effective business intelligence software.

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What our clients are saying

The return on investment from the electronic time keeping system is substantially higher than any other efficiency improvement we've tried in the business.

Paul Minton

Nimbulis Time and Billing is our favorite process in this user friendly business savvy complete software solution.

WebF Consulting

Nimbulis allows us to streamline our business processes with one piece of software. Nimbulis makes it easy to track our clients and vendors while managing our hiring processes.

Aura Services